pk24 Advanced


pk24 Advanced

What is Pk24?
PK24 is the first clinically tested and specially formulated to rejuvenate and help to restore the muscle elasticity of interior vaginal wall. The product is able to regain the youthfulness condition at women's vaginal wall. PK24 is safe and proprietary bland of ingredients, manufactured in the United States to ensure quality.

What are the result?
PK24 brings desired youthfulness to an important personal part of the body, renewing a scense of confidences and empowerment. During clinical trials, 89% of subjects report, beyond the increase in sensation ,many say that PK24 has improved intimacy with their partner.

7 reason for using PK24
- Works in as little as 10 minutes
- Rejuvenate and improve muscle elasticity in internal vaginal walls for approximately 24 hours
- No risks, recovery and expensive of invasive surgery
- Safe&natural proprietary blend of FDA-approve ingredients, manufactured in United States(US)
- Lightweight, non-irritating, convenient and easy to use
- Result from temporary to permanent
- Formulated, manufacturer&import from USA



- 十分钟见效
- 让阴道达到24小时持久的修复效果
- 无副作用,无需昂亏手术费
- 美国食品和药物管理局(FDA)批准的医药成分
- 轻便,无刺激作用和容易使用
- 长期使用将助于达致永久效果
- 创制,臆造和进口于美国

pk24 Advanced